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Fixing the Leaks in Your Roof

Don’t Replace Your Roof, Fix It!

(if it’s worth it)

If you have a leak, it’s quite often not the end of the world or the end of your savings.  Leaks can be fixed quite inexpensively under normal circumstances, but it takes a trained professional to help you find the leak on your roof.  Why?  Often times, the leak can be in a place on the ceiling of your house that’s not even close to where the leak actually is, so it takes an experienced and trained roofer to actually find where the link is. 

Leaks are generally not so bad– they can come from flashing that has rusted (if it’s old and made of steel) or was inappropriately installed, they can come from a cracked or punctured asphalt shingle, or from many other things that can damage a roof.  In the Atlanta area, we get a fair amount of hail damage to roofs, and if the hail is big enough–  it can also cause a leak.  Trees are probably most often the culprits, with tree branches that are too close to the roof, scrape or damage the shingles, and voila, a leak ensues.  

The solution is to find the damaged material, replace the shingles with new material, and the water should stop coming in the house.  Restore Now Roofing has the expertise you need to get your leaks diagnosed correctly the first time which will minimize damage to your house. The best thing you can do to prevent leaks that cause serious damage is to pay attention to the ceilings of your house.  If you see a brown spot on the ceiling, particularly after a rain, you more than likely have a leak. 

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Leak Detection in Roofing

When it comes to leak detection in a roof in Atlanta, it can often be quite a challenge.  Why?  Sometimes the actual location of the leak isn’t visible from the top of the roof!  It takes an experience professional, who is often times willing to climb through an attic to actually find the exact spot the roof is compromised and to locate the position of a leak.  Often times leaks are not a failure of the entire roof, unless it’s quite a number of years old, and younger roofs are almost always worth repairing.

Leaks generally first show up as brown spots on your ceilings, where the water has compromised the drywall.  The water travels to the lowpoint in the ceiling, which can often be quite a number of feet away from teh actual leak itself.  This is another reason leaks can be so difficult to detect, and why you need the experience of the professionals at Restore Now Roofing to help you to find your leaks.  Our leak detection system is excellent and effective, and we’ll have your home rain water free in no time.

Repairing All Kinds of Roofs

Asphalt Shingle Repairs

We’re experts with asphalt shingle repairs.  Let us help trace down your leaks.

Metal Roofing Repairs

They don’t often need them, but if they get damaged in a storm, we can repair them!

Tile Roof Repairs

Tile roofs are extremely durable and also don’t normally leak, however if they experience damage from impact the tiles can crack and cause leaks into a home.  We can fix them!

Slate Roofing

If you’re slate roof needs attention, come get an inspection from our experts who can help you get your roof sealed and functioning again.

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