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We’ve worked on a lot of houses, protected a ton of homes from moisture and rainwater, and fixed the leaks on far more homes than we can count.  Residential roofing is our speciality.  Our staff are trained in it.  Our installers are experienced at it, and our owners speak the language of not just roofing but also construction as well.  They know houses.  They know what makes them work and what doesn’t.  They know how to build them and how to repair them, and they know exactly what a home needs with respect to roofing.  

Quality is something for us that is always first on the list.  We don’t want to have to come out and do a job twice–  so we do it right the first time.  You put your trust in us when you purchase a roof from us, and we don’t let you down.  The roofs we install are of the finest materials money can buy, and when we put them in, they don’t leak, and they go the distance. And they should, because roofs aren’t cheap.  A roof can be one of the larger expenses on a home, which is already more than likely your largest financial investment.  

Call us and see what quality and expert workmanship is like.  

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Materials We Use

Restore Now Roofing uses only the highest quality materials on your home, and can provide longer lasting materials than you might have originally had on your home.  It’s not uncommon for architechtural singles to go 20 or 30 years here in the Atlanta area, providing long service to a homeowner.  With most homeowners, the roof will last longer than theh homeowner will own the home.  Metal roofs give even longer service, and it’s not uncommon to see older homes with their original metal roofs still in service.  Call us for a free estimate to repair or replace your roof.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common roof in the Atlanta area and are found on the overwhelming majority of homes around town.  From regular shingles to the upgraded architectural style roofing, we can provide just the material you want and need, and in the color you choose.


Probably the second most common type of roof in the area are metal roofs. They’re known for their fantastic durability and long life.  Most roofing on much older homes was metal, and it’s actually not uncommon to see one of these roofs still serving it’s clients faithfully at 100 years in.


Not as common but also present in the Atlanta area are tile roofs.  These are often considered Spanish style roofs, with their red clay materials.  These kinds of roofs are also available in a kind of composite plastic material as well these days.


Slate roofs were also more common on much older homes in the Atlanta market and provide extremely long life becuase of their durability.  Tiles do crack from time to time and do fatigue over the years, so they do need some maintenance. Some prefer these kinds of roofs, and we can install them on your home if that is the look you desire.

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